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TIERREX is the name we decided on. We were going for something that we could grow into; we hope you like it. We are a company focused producing practical products for health, fitness, wellness and adventure uses. We want to provide you with the products that will enhance your life, health, wellbeing and lifestyle. To start with we are focusing on the welfare of office professional, the modern middle class. Those that stare at computer screens all day without realizing its damaging effects on your health.

Essentially our DNA is to contribute to the world positively through our products, to learn about what helps us be healthy and develop products that will be used to improve our customer’s health and life. Our goal is to make our customers, employees, partners, founders, and suppliers better off for dealing with us.

We promise to try harder than any other company in our field to make a positive effect on the communities in which we operate. If we get it wrong, we will always try to fix the problem, and we hope you understand that sometimes we won’t be able to satisfy everyone. We acknowledge this as part of life up front and will always seek to be open and accountable. If there is an element of our operations that is lacking, and it is pointed out to us, we will endeavour to resolve or remedy the issue as reasonably as we can, with our given our resources.

Our founder:

Our founder, Paul Mason, has always been interested in the health of the mind and body. Always been interested in human behaviour and developing to be the best he can be. In this quest, he felt that he should direct his efforts to help the world be better with the tools, knowledge and experience at his disposal.

At 36, Paul had health issues that required years of research and investigation to improve. These health issues had surfaced as a result of bad work and lifestyle habits. In trying to reverse these issues, over a period of 6 years he has met and worked with a number of wellness experts. The result is that Paul has been able to significantly improve his health and is now on a mission to improve the health of anyone who is seriously interested in healthy living, including the community, society and planet.

Our Products:

Our first Product is Tierrex Blue light Blocking glasses. These glasses are the result of over a year of research into lens technology and working with lens manufacturers to produce some of the world’s best High Energy Blue Light Blocking glasses for people who are highly motivated, skilled and care about their health and the world around them. To see more detailed information, hop on over to the Product Page and check out the latest research and what the Blocking of Blue light can do for you.

We have produced four types:

  • NAME
  • WorkTime’s
  • 10%
  • Clear
  • Office Worker, Professional, Pilot, Graphic Artist.
  • DayTime’s
  • 40%
  • Light Yellow Tint
  • Office and Outoor Worker
  • NightTime’s
  • 70%
  • Deeper tint
  • Shiftworkers
  • DreamTime’s
  • 98%
  • Orange Tint (Not suitable for driving)
  • Those with serious circadian

We hope that you will support us in our quest to improve the lives of people whom we touch. By supporting us, you will also be helping us to support those in need.

Of Special Note:

In addition to the first run of products, and part of our effort to improve the planet, we will be establishing our Better Planet Initiative and will donate up to 50% of Tierrex’s yearly profits through this initiative to like-minded institutions, projects and charities that we believe will positively impact the communities they are part of.

Of special interest is:

Mental Health education, and treatment:
The role of mental healthcare is severely misunderstood in the role it plays in the wellbeing of society, not just the individual. We believe that like all types of health education, mental health education should start at school and educate children early on. This is a great idea, but an individual adults mental health has an enormous impact of the wellbeing of society. With the epidemic state of aggression, and adoption of acceptable bad habits affecting those from all walks of life, we believe that developing a strong sense of self is paramount to the success and welfare of society and the planet. A good person with a good self-esteem and strong sense of character is less likely to do harm to someone else. This in turn affects the safety and culture of the community.

We aim to improve the mental health of even just one person. The knock-on effects of such positivity are astounding and effects generations. We believe that creating a better planet starts with making the individual stronger and helping them understand themselves and the world around themselves better. Obviously if people feel better about themselves, this has positive effects on those they associate with and helps reduce the number of bad habits that are passed onto the next generation. We also hope to help people understand that the individual does matter.

Ending Child Slavery:
We aim to provide funding to organizations that help to eradicate the enslavement of children globally.

We aim to provide funding to organizations that help to reduce the suffering of animals globally.

We aim to provide funding to organizations that help to improve the environment through education and supporting environmental programs globally.

We aim to provide funding to organizations that are involved in scientific research; or helping to educate or support the education of the less fortunate, globally.

Emergency Aid
We aim to provide funding to organizations that help to ease the effects of devastating event man-made or otherwise, globally.