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Rake Barrow Mate (or Barrow Mate, as we call it sometimes) was borne out of frustration in doing yard work. It’s a simple idea and one we hope to expand on with variations and different products into the future.

We love the outdoors and enjoy getting out and doing yardwork from time to time, but also know it can be a pain when it comes to raking leaves, moving and spreading mulch and even just carrying soil and garden tools to hard to reach places the wheelbarrow just can’t get too.

Our solution is the the Rake Barrow Mate. We hope you’ll enjoy it! We know Harold loves it. Take a look at our product page, and place an order, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for your support,
The Rake Barrow Mate Family

Our Product

Rake Barrow Mate

An open-ended wheelbarrow liner that when removed from the wheelbarrow, offers the user a wide opening at one end to rake in contents, while the other end stays in a more upright position. Once full it is transferred to the wheelbarrow for easier transportation. It can then be removed and emptied with one lift.

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