Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) is a unique full-service health clinic that empowers you to understand your unique healthcare profile and through our proprietary treatments unlock the extraordinary you.

Living fast-paced lives, and subjecting ourselves to all manner of toxins, pollutants & synthetic chemicals affect us all differently. The team at MHG recognise this and over 20 years have finetuned diagnostic and preventative treatment protocols to help support your body to remain strong. If you are suffering an illness, or chronic condition, the MHG team can help support you in your recovery.


We all push the limits, of how we work, what we do and who we are. Without adequate rest and nutrition, we age faster. Working too work too hard, playing too hard, suffering from stress, failing to get enough sleep on a regular basis and overindulging at the dining table are all challenges that we need to manage. The trick is to know your specific challenges. Each of us is unique, and so our healthcare needs to be unique to our genetic code and circumstances. Ideally, it is preventative, as prevention is the best cure.

Let Miskawaan Health Group highly trained team guide you and tailor a health and wellness plan that is right for you. If you want to add life to your years, and not just years to your life, you are in good hands with Miskawaan Health Group. Our approach is based in nature yet is underpinned by cutting-edge medical science and delivered at the highest global standards of care. 

Achieve quality of life, clarity of thought and health longevity. Discover the extraordinary you with Miskawaan Health Group. Check out our website for available treatments and services or book in for a consultation. Please also check out our women’s health site, Miskawaan Women’s Health Clinic.